A Mouthful of JOY! (It’s better than a spoonful of sugar, guaranteed!)



I’m sitting in sunny, joyous California right now, in the midst of leading a parish mission and retreat! While it’s a long way from my home in Illinois (and I’ve only been here about 48 hours so far) I am surrounded by new friends who are quickly becoming my California family! Thank you, thank you, thank you, sweet friends (especially the amazing Julie!), for your hospitality, enthusiasm, and joyful love of JESUS!!

OLA Collage 1


Speaking of joy, listen to this smile-inducing piece of scripture:

job 8-21

This was spoken to Job while in the midst of his trials and hardships. It was spoken to Job by a friend of his named Bildad.

Now, personally speaking, Bildad wouldn’t be the kind of friend I’d turn to for compassion and advice. He’s sort of an “I told you so” mixed with an “if you’d just get your act together” kind of advice giver. But that’s a whole big story we’ll save for another day!

BUT, the one piece of reassuring Truth he does offer to Job in the midst of his suffering is to let Job know that laughter will replace despair for those who place their trust and faith in God – even when you can’t see past the heartache and circumstances of the moment.

THAT’S the comforting word I want as I walk through the valleys and lows of this life, trudging along waiting for the rain and the relief. Regardless of the context in which that word of advice was given to Job, it serves as a long, tall drink of water for us when we find ourselves in a pit of despair seemingly without hope.

Hopelessness makes us feel like “it” will never end.

hope sets us free


HOPE reminds us that we aren’t staying “here” forever and that God will once again RAISE THE ROOF with His joy and His goodness. We aren’t stuck in the mire; we are set free by the love of our King!

God’s faithfulness is ever-present and unending. He’s brought you through before and He continues to do so! He will never leave you or forsake you! (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of hope today, I pray you take ownership of that beautiful verse from Job above and make it your own.

May your lips shout with joy and hope now and always!

Following along with Pure Joy 2014?! Here’s your homework this week:

  • Find and/or print our scripture card for this week (Job 8:21 – click here to print it!). Display it, SAY IT, and PRAY IT!!!
  • Keep reading Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin! I love some of her ideas, AND I love the giggles I get while reading them, don’t you?!
  • RSVP for our last (boo hoo!) Pure Joy dinner for this summer! It’s being held on Thursday, August 14th!!!!!
  • Sit back, turn up your speakers, and listen to one of my favorites from the late 1980’s: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, by Bobby McFerrin!  Click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-diB65scQU

Have a great week!

Peace, love, and JOY!!!


Up Next Week: Wanna really be happier at home? Choose God.

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